Miracles Happen

Miracels Happen


It was Friday evening.  Camden was only 3 months old and usually pretty playful.  But he had been lethargic for a while.  He wasn’t playing or laughing… his eyes were peeky and he just wanted to sleep.  Thank goodness for his mother who insisted on taking him to the doctor.




Recently, I have begun a journey that has opened my eyes to a better understanding of the world.  In a nutshell, I am waking up to the reality that the world is not what it seems.  You can probably feel it too… there is something terribly wrong with the world.

Do you know what you think you know?

Lessons from the Book of Job

Overview of Job

God’s Sovereignty
Dealing with Tragedy (why God allows hard time)
Power of satan
Truths About Coming of Christ
Truths About Our Natural World
Prayer for Others
Using Job To Bless Us


The Plan of    

Destroy Family -
State over fan
remove God from school
2. Evolution
remove God from Science

3. Religion
False religions

Hoop Dreams



From time to time my siblings and I will send emails to each other about the “good ole days” growing up in the country.  The messages below were sent from my older brothers remembering how upset my daddy was with my brother and me for ruining one of his large light posts (without permission, of course) to build a basketball goal.

God Exposes. The Devil Exploits



Have you ever had a spiritual spanking?  

When God chastises us, he targets a specific area for us to deal with.  He exposes our sin for others to see.  The things we go through as a result are not easy, but it may be necessary for us to deal with that issue.  Often we feel embarassment, remorse or a wide range of other emotions.