Deal or No Deal

Mama, can I buy this?

I'm trying to get the kids to understand that money doens't grow on trees.  That means that we can't just buy everything they see.  One of the best ways for me to get the message acrsoss is to have the kids spend their Papa Dollars, money their grand dad gives them, for the things they want.

ON this day Kennedy wanted _____.  She asked if I'd get it.  I told her that since she left her money at home, I'll get it BUT she'd have to pay me back once we got home.



Mama, are you buckled up



It was the Sunday before Christmas and my family and I were just getting ready to leave church.  A few minutes earlier our kids picked a card from the Angel Tree so they could pick out a Christmas gift.  I had just started the engine and was pulling out of the parking lot when I heard my own little angel’s voice in the backseat say…

Despicable Media

In the movie Despicable Me, the villain concocts a plan to pull off the biggest heist in history with the help of some silly, little, yellow characters called “minions.”   The word minion is defined as a villain’s helper.  Before this movie, you likely wouldn't hear the word “minion” outside of a reference to satan.  This isn’t a review of the movie. But it does serve as an illustration of how satan uses media to cleverly turn TV watchers and moviegoers into his minions.

Patron Saints & Rainbows

saints and rainbows


Satan doesn’t have the power to create.  But that doesn’t mean he isn’t very creative. He’s clever in taking what God has made and perverting it.  He takes the good, twists it, and imposes his own will and meaning.  Such is the case with society’s thoughts about rainbows and saints.

Wicked Kingdom

"Do you believe in magic? And I hope you do..."  The intro to the Disney theme song is befitting for a company that has introduced many to a world of magic.  That isn't a good thing by the way.

The Stranger

A few months before I was born, my dad met a stranger who was new to our small Tennessee town. From the beginning, Dad was fascinated with this enchanting newcomer, and soon invited him to live with our family. The stranger was quickly accepted and was around to welcome me into the world a few months later.

TV3rd Psalm

tv remote

The TV is my shepherd, my spiritual growth shall want!
It makes me sit down and do nothing for His name's sake, because it requires my attention.
It keeps me from doing my duty as a Christian, because it presents to me so many things I must see.