The Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedom


It’s a shame that whenever a tragic school shooting occurs, everyone comes out of the woodworks to argue against guns.  No opportunety is missed to shout gun control.  It’s sad that those in power are now using our kids to push their agendas.

The problem is not what’s in the hand.  The problem is what’s in the heart.  If evil is in the heart, murder can happen with a knife, or a pencil.

Whenever they start talking about taking guns away, you can rest assured that you are just a heartbeat away from tyranny.  Our fore fathers in their wisdom instateuetd the second ammendment to ensure that we the people have the means to defend ourself in case the government ever turns on us.  Nowadays, our sellout polititins, hypocrites hollywood actors argue for taking guns away from the people while they are surrounded by body guards armed with  guns.  The message essentially is that their life is more important than ours.

But what does the Bible say?  God said to turn the other cheek, but I only have two.  There comes a time when you have to defend yourself.