Kingdom of Witchcraft

Kingdom of Witchcraft

Magic Kindgom


God warns us against taking part in witchcraft and sorcery. However, through the power of television and the appeal of Disney, not only do we NOT walk away from it, but many of us run towards it eagerly with our little children in hand.  

Magic is defined as the art of influencing events using supernatural forces.  Magic, the central theme of most Disney movies, is simply another word for witchcraft or sorcery.  So, Disney’s Magic Kingdom could have been named “The Kingdom of Witchcraft” or “The Sorcery Kingdom.” But that doesn’t quite have the same kid-friendly ring to it though, does it?
There’s no denying that while seeming to provide exciting yet wholesome entertainment, he was actually bringing witchcraft and satanic themes right into our homes.  As early as 1940, when Mickey Mouse caused broomsticks to dance and caused things to fly through the air in Fantasia, that was witchcraft. When Elsa casts spells, that’s also witchcraft.  Whether magical spells are performed by hero or villain, Harry Potter or Maleficent, whether it is white magic or black magic - it’s ALL witchcraft, and it’s ALL evil.

Almost every Disney film has some type of witch. There are tons of fairies and mermaids (which are demons in appealing form), spells, curses, fairy godmothers and pagan gods. Time and again the hero or heroine is seen to consult evil spirits for help. Disney movies themselves are intended to bewitch or cast a spell on YOU.  Most of their “spells” are intended to be seen as benevolent, to grant you a revelation of spiritual truth.  In other words, they are trying to get you to believe a certain something or open your mind up to other ways of thinking.

It may seem ridiculous to think of cute little cartoon characters as cause for concern, but remember, the serpent is subtle and crafty.  The next time you see a Disney film, do so with your spiritual eyes open. Whenever you hear a form of the word “magic” in a movie or song, try to see it objectively for what it really is.

Unfortunately, many seem to care more about the Magic Kingdom than the Kingdom of God.  It's time we open our eyes and see Disney’s Magic Kingdom for what it really is – a satanic counterfeit of God’s Kingdom.