The Prodigal Christian

The Prodigal Christian

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Two friends, Christian and Faithful, were raised in the church.  When the friends became older and were not under their parents’ supervision,  one friend forgot about the teachings from his upbringing in the church.  He’s disloyal to his friend and also gets into relationships and gave himself before he was married.  He stole and did several other things that went against God’s word.

Because of his wreckless lifestyle, he suffered many hardships.  He went through emotional ups and downs.  He risked his life dangerously sleeping with people who were not faitful and gave themselves to others.  He sought healing in worldly places only to find himself deeper and deeper in pain.

The young man finally comes to his senses, remembering his Father in Heaven.  In shame (some might say in humility) the Christian recognizes his foolishness and confesses his sins.  He decides to discontinue his current lifestyle and committed to repairing his relationship with the Lord.   

The heavens rejoice that the lost sheep has found his way back home; angels sing and the Lord smiles.

Meanwhile, the others in the church are not happy when they come in from heading their church ministries and hear the good news of this son coming back home.  Displeased with  the elation in the congregation, the church brother who is familiar with his past and of whom the lost sheep was disloyal to earlier share the young man’s past mistakes and misfortunes with others in the church.  He sheds light on his past life while keeping their own past transgressions private.   Nevertheless, God sees the young man’s heart and keeps him.