Over the years I’ve heard people give powerful testimonies about how through the grace of God they overcame illnesses, heart attacks, gang violence, addictions, abusive relationships, etc. etc. etc. Usually, the people standing up to share testimonies were older individuals who had lead pretty rough lives.  Because of the magnitude of the things God brought these people through, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t have a testimony to share and that testimony service was really for the fifty plus crowd.

But recently, during testimony service at my church, our minister said that each one of us has a testimony but it’s up to us to share it.  Normally, I viewed this as a time for the elderly in the church to speak, but for some reason that thought stayed with me through testimony service, the sermon and even after I got home.  I thought about other people’s testimonies and looked at my life.  I was young, healthy, I grew up in a loving home with both parents, I had a college degree – what kind of testimony could I possibly give (really each one of the things listed are testimonies in themselves).  But just to humor myself, I decided I’d make a list of things I could testify about.

I wasn’t staring at the page ten seconds before I had one thing jotted down, then a second and a third.  My list got longer and longer and things were still coming to me.  I had come through a lot in my thirty plus years that I had forgotten about.  It was at that point that my thinking changed from “What do I have to testify about” to “What don’t I have to testify about”.  

On one of the Sundays that followed, I decided to share one of the things I had jotted on the list.  I’m not big on public speaking and I admit that I was nervous, but I kept in mind that God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear and 2 Timothy 1:8 says not to be ashamed to testify about God.  I shared one testimony then and since then I’ve shared plenty more through my Spirit & Family website.

It’s easy to take God for granted especially when things are going well in our lives.  On the same token, it’s so it’ easy  to overlook or forget the things that we’ve been delivered from.  Sometimes we need to sit back and reflect on the things that God brought us through – that include everything from harmful relationships to jobs we landed that based on our qualification we never should have gotten, to everything in between.  God really is awesome!  Don’t take God for granted like I did for so many years and when you become aware of a testimony you can share, don’t be afraid to share what God has done for you.  Remember, God doesn’t give us a spirit of fear.